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Your hosts Matt and Julie are both city dwellers and nature lovers. They have been coming to Sutton for over 35 years, it is for them a second home. Matt learned to ski at Sutton and now it's their children's turn to glaze down one of Quebec's most beautiful mountains.





The Owner has the right to perform credit checks and criminal background checks on the Renter(s). In a case where the credit dossier of the Renter(s) would be problematic and /or a criminal record would exist regarding one of the Renter(s), the Owner has the right to cancel the rental contract immediately. The Owner would then have to reimburse the Renter(s) of any payment received at that point in time.


1.1 Complete payment of the short term (less than 30 days) rental costs and security deposit must be made within 48 hours of the signature of the contract by Interac e-transfer;

1.2 A cleaning fee of $85 is added to the rental cost;

1.3 Taxes: the Quebec Hosting Tax of 3.5%, the TPS of 5% and the TVQ of 9.975% apply to short term rentals and will be added to the rental cost.


2.1 To prevent eventual damages to the property a security deposit of $250 is required;

2.2 The security deposit will be returned to the Renter(s) after verification of the property at the end of the stay and if the rental terms and conditions were respected. The property will have to be leaved in the same state as it was found (clean and without any damaged goods) and no complaints by the neighbours will have been registered;

2.3 If the Renter(s) does not respect the terms and conditions listed in this contract the Owner will keep the security deposit and all other amounts he will have received without hindering his rights to any additional legal recourse.


Arrival Hour: 4 PM Departure Hour: 11 AM

If the Renter(s) does not leave the property at the afore mentioned date and time the Owner will keep the security deposit as a penalty.


4.1 Any cancelation must be done by written email notification to the Owner;

4.1 If the cancelation occurs more than 30 days before the arrival date, the total payment of the rental costs and the security deposit will be reimbursed by the Owner to the Renter(s);

4.2 If the cancelation occurs between 30 days and 7 days before the arrival date, the Owner will keep 50% of the rental costs as a penalty and will reimburse 50% of the rental costs as well as the security deposit to the Renter(s);

4.3 If the cancelation occurs less than 7 days before the arrival date, the Owner will keep 100% of the rental costs as a penalty and will reimburse the security deposit to the Renter(s);

4.4 If the rental must be canceled or interrupted due to unforeseen problems to the property (water, electricity, etc.) or in a case where the Renter(s) couldn’t have access to the property by cause of force majeure, the Owner’s responsibility would be limited to the rental cost. Non-used days of the stay would then be reimbursed to the Renter(s) but no additional amount could be claimed by the Renter(s).


5.1 The property cannot be ceded or sublet;

5.2 The Renter(s) commits to leaving the property in the same state in which he found it;

5.3 The maximum number of people who can occupy the property is 4, 5 and 5 for each of the condos. The maximum number of occupants must be respected. If that is not the case the Owner can immediately end the rental contract and expulse the Renter(s) without any reimbursement;

5.4 The property can only be rented for tourism and leisure purposes;

5.5 The Renter(s), the occupants and his invitees cannot disturb, annoy, put in danger or cause nuisance to the neighbours, nor use the property to commit illegal or reprehensible acts. It is forbidden to go on nearby private properties nor to generate noise that might disturb the neighbours after 11 PM, either inside or outside the property. Any complaint by the neighbours will trigger the conservation of the security deposit by the Owner. The Owner will then advise the Renter(s) of the immediate changes in behaviour that will have to be put in place for the rest of the duration of the stay. If the required changes in behaviour are not applied the Owner will be entitled to immediately expulse the Renter(s) without any reimbursement;

5.6 The Renter(s) is responsible for the property, its interior and exterior goods during his stay, including the lot and exterior equipment. Upon his departure, the Renter(s) must make sure that all objects, amenities and equipment are left in the same location and state upon which he found it. Any premature usage, breaks or damages caused to the property’s equipment and amenities will be billed by the Owner to the Renter(s) in addition to the rental costs. The Owner will retain any rights to further legal action deemed necessary in case of damages caused by the Renter(s);

5.7 The Renter(s) must immediately inform the Owner of any damages, breaks, minor degradation or anomaly that might happen during his stay;

5.8 Fireworks are forbidden at all times:

5.9 Smoking and vaping inside the property is forbidden at all times;

5.10 Pets and animals are not allowed on the property;

5.11 Partys and fiestas are forbidden on the property at all times;

5.12 The property is rented for leisure, tranquility and tourism purposes. Any music or noises that can be heard beyond the property limits is forbidden;

5.13 In case of unforeseen events that might affect utility services such as electricity or Internet, the Owner cannot be held responsible of inconveniences that may affect the Renter(s);

5.14 The Renter(s) declares having seen the property in pictures and declares himself satisfied by these;

5.15 In case of the Renter(s)’ late arrival, premature departure or mistake on the staying dates, no reimbursement will be allocated to the Renter(s) by the Owner;

5.16 If the Renter(s) looses the key to the property he will have to pay a $25 replacement fee;

5.17 Usage of the pool by the Renter(s) and the occupants is done at their own risk and peril. No lifeguard watches the pool. It is forbidden to dive head first in the pool. The Renter(s) is responsible for his security and that of his party when using the pool. The Renter(s) commits to adopt a safe behaviour while using the pool;

5.18 It is forbidden to bring breakable plates, dishes and glasses in the backyard or around the pool and the spa. The Renter(s) must use the non-breakable plates, dishes and glasses put at their disposition if he wishes to bring food in the backyard or near the pool and spa;

5.19 The Renter(s) must not leave food leftovers on the property.

5.20 The spa and pool are only accessible from 9 am to 9 pm. It is forbidden to use the spa and pool outside of those hours. 


6.1 The Renter(s) will have cleaned the dishes;

6.2 The Renter(s) will have put the garbage and the recycling material in their rightful bins outside the property;

6.3 The Renter(s) will have shut the windows and locked the doors;

6.4 The Renter(s) will have left the property’s key in the designated location identified by the Owner.


7.1 In no case will the Owner be held responsible for any damages or losses suffered by the Renter(s) during his stay;

7.2 The Renter(s) agrees to indemnify and free the Owner of any responsibility regarding obligations, losses or damages resulting from wrong doings caused or suffered on the rented property by the Renter(s), its occupants and guests resulting from the bad behaviour, lack of carefulness, negligence from people penetrating, occupying or visiting the property during the stay of the Renter(s). The Owner cannot be held responsible for medical fees or any other obligation resulting from damages or injuries suffered on the property during the stay of the Renter(s);

7.3 The Renter(s) commits to indemnify the Owner in case of a lawsuit and to exonerate the Owner of the payment of any judiciary and extra-judiciary fees, as well as the payment of damages and interest the case being.


8.1 The Renter(s) commits to respecting the public authorities’ health and safety directives during his stay at the property.